About hidden

We're a boutique digital experience innovation studio.

We use design to help ambitious companies deliver impactful, customer-centric digital experiences faster.

Hidden is a design-led digital innovation studio that helps both established companies and funded startups kickstart their digital journey the right way - focused on customers - and deliver experiences that customers need, in a way that drives value and decreases risk to the business.

We have helped companies launch digital products, kickstart complex digital transformations, design new compelling digital propositions and ignite creativity and innovative thinking with established brands including ANZ, Ferrari, SBS and EY as well as ambitious funded startups.

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our values

Make it loveable

Always start with people.
Viable is not enough.
Design for emotion.

Keep it lean

Tangible results, faster.
Don’t waste your time or ours.
Reduce risk and costs, earlier.

Partner, don't provide

Outcomes over outputs.
Take clients on the journey.
Collaborate with the best.

Look beyond

Externalise everything.
Empower teams to innovate.
Design systems, not screens.

why hidden

Customer oriented, business-minded

We always balance what's good for the customer with what is viable for the business and technically feasible.

Thoughtfully fast

Our ethos, which orients everything we do to achieve tangible results fast - saving you time and money, and minimising waste.

We're flexible

Our modular engagement and billing model provides the flexibility needed to truly work agile.

We hand you the keys

It's not in your interest for us to hang around forever. We help set up internal processes, systems and capabilities so that you can continue to innovate.

We elevate investor appeal

We help give your proposition the highest chances of success with investment or sponsorship.

We reduce risk

We build confidence and minimise risk by validating hypotheses with design experiments and data insights.

Our services

Have you asked yourself...

Does your venture have high uncertainty ? A lot more questions that answers?

Is it likely that your venture may need to pivot if you had validation feedback from the market?

Does your venture require some quick finding before significant funding can be committed?

Does your venture stand among your competitors?

our ethos

Thoughtfully fast.

Agility has long been touted as the secret sauce that gives startups their edge and ability to adapt. With advances in processes, tools and technologies - speed is no longer a competitive advantage in digital, it is table stakes. But when speed is the goal, it can cloud the true goal of digital innovation - creating value for customers, in ways that allow the business to capture value in return. What results are not only sub-quality end products that aren't only poor customer experiences, but leave a trail of technical and design debt in their wake. Soon enough the cracks begin to show - team velocity drops, and the output of experience and customer satisfcation follows. In this new digital economy, companies need to master the balance between speed and sustainability - simultaneously being able to test new ideas and launch digital innovations rapidly whilst ensuring that they have the foundations in place to sustain innovation.

When you partner with Hidden, you can be assured that although we move quickly, we don't cut corners. The way we work through Missions, Sprints and Jams take from the best and latest techniques from Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile - all geared towards achieving results fast, and minimising waste. Rather than a typical agency mindset of "how can sink our hooks deep into this company?" we approach every engagement with the dual-mindset of "what's the fastest way we can get you there?" and "what systems, processes and capabilities will we need to help you establish so that you can be self-sustainable?".

'Thoughtfully fast' encapsulates this balance perfectly, and orients everything we do and stand for.

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