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Design & innovation consultancy.
Experts in digital proposition design.

We work with ambitious companies to design and communicate innovative propositions for digital products and services that deliver customer and business value

Ask yourself these questions

Does my digital venture have high uncertainty? A lot more questions than answers?

How do I know if customers will engage with my product or service?

How we are going to stand out against competitors?

Do customers understand what we are offering?

Are we effectively communicating the proposition to stakeholders?

You’re excited about a digital venture.

We make your customers excited, with groundbreaking validated proposition design.

How we can help

Whether you are launching, growing, scaling or redefining a digital product or service, our Lean approach to design helps uncover and validate value-driven opportunities for digital innovation, fast.

We unlock customer value

We get out of the building to discover & connect the business vision and goals with customers needs, wants and desires.

We move fast, saving you time & money

Design Sprints & Strategy Jams help us move quickly, reducing wasted time, money and energy.

We reduce risk by validating and testing

We build confidence and minimise risk by validating hypotheses with design experiments and data insights.

We foster a startup mentality in your team

Our methods educate teams in Lean Startup processes that have a lasting impact on their approach to innovation.

We increase your appeal to investors

We wrap up the proposition with a story-led presentation tool that will give your proposition the edge it needs to sell.

How you can work with us


If you have a specific project, with a specific deadline, we will use our design approach to create the best outcome for you.

Workshops and training

Teaching internal teams and executives the benefits of design thinking, design sprints, customer experience mapping and lean user experience design.

Design subscription

Think of us as your virtual design team and chief creative officer. If you are growing fast we can help prioritise your design goals and implement the benefits of design thinking into your culture and business.

Our Approach

We start by discovering the business and customer needs, desires and vision.  We then define product-market hypotheses around how your venture will create value and grow, before validating risky assumptions through design, prototyping and customer testing.  Finally, we help communicate your proposition in a way that tells a story and connects with your customers and stakeholders - a must-have for any venture.


1. Discover

Working collaboratively, we gain an understanding of the business, brand, customer and environment.


2. Canvas

Together we define product-market fit, and map how the value of the venture links to the needs of the customer.


3. Design

We then rapidly prototype the venture inclusive of a Lean brand,  allowing for validation that is as accurate to in-market as possible.


4. Validate

Next we validate the hypotheses through testing before synthesising the results to identify strengths, uncover weaknesses and establish priorities and recommendations.


5. Communicate

Wrapping it up in a bow, we give your venture the edge with a compelling story that will inspire your team members, stakeholders and customers.

See Full Process

We look at digital differently

By bringing together a diverse combination of talent and experience across strategy, experience design and communications, our approach delivers unique validated propositions for digital products & services. Combining those skills and experiences with Lean design processes allows us to move quickly and to an exceptional standard.

Consultants that create

Our design and innovation consultants are hands-on, and get their hands dirty to bring your concepts to fruition.

T-Shaped Designers

Our designers are T-shaped - with the depth in design required to create meaningful digital experiences, and the breadth in ability to see the broader business context


Do you have a design, product or experience team? When you partner with Hi, we augment their capabilities and strengths and hand over the keys they need to drive future growth.


From UX to high-end branding and advertising, our team's mix of skills ensure that every aspect your proposition needs to achieve success is being considered.

Our Ethos

Create Together

Partner with your team, combining talents and experience in building the best proposition possible.

Keep it Lean

Lean methodology underpins everything we do, allowing us to design and validate quickly and minimise waste.

Mindful Design

Utilising behavioural insights that don't just win hearts, but change habits and behaviour for the better.

Design Forward

Designing solutions that have sustainable and long-term opportunity for impact and growth.

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Don't bet your venture's future on unknowns.

Let us help validate your riskiest assumptions through design and customer testing, so you can avoid spending time and money building something nobody wants.

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