Our story

Why we exist.

Despite the best intentions of many companies and startups, the success rate for digital projects still remains to this day-and-age far lower than it should - particularly in Australia. After working in design agencies for many years building branded digital experiences, co-founders Leigh and Kelsey noticed avoidable pitfalls that startups and established companies were falling into with digital as well as fundamental flaws with the agency service-provider model, including:

Companies & startups

  • Starting with a solution to a business problem instead of addressing a customer problem.
  • Making risky bets on untested ideas & assumptions.
  • Not aligning teams around a tangible vision.
  • Involving design too late in the innovation process.
  • Taking a waterfall approach, leaving validation until the end.
  • Launching bloated first releases instead of minimum loveable products (MLPs) highly valuable to a tribe of early adopters.

Design agencies & consultancies

  • Maximising time and billable hours, rather than seeking to reduce wasted time through lean approaches.
  • Focusing on deliverables and outputs, over outcomes.
  • Providing a service, not guiding/pushing back for the best result to the customer and business.
  • Prioritising embedding themselves, rather than help develop the internal capabilities and processes needed to sustain growth.

As designers, we knew of design's tremendous value not just downstream in executing ideas, but also upstream in the innovation process for identifying and creatively solving problems for customers. So, with a goal of redefining the agency-client relationship and reducing unnecessary wasted time and money building digital experiences nobody wanted, we launched Hidden - a design-led digital innovation studio that helps companies kickstart their digital journey and deliver experiences that customers need, in a way that drives value and decreases risk to the business.

Today, we have helped companies launch digital products, kickstart complex digital transformations, design new compelling digital propositions and ignite creativity and innovative thinking with established brands including ANZ, Ferrari, SBS and EY, as well as ambitious funded startups.

Have you asked yourself...

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