Design Sprints

1 - 2 WEEKS

Design Sprints are a lean, fast, structured process to come up with ideas, prototype and test them with users, compressing potentially months of work into two weeks or less. Here's a few of our popular Design Sprints.


Design Sprints are integrated into our Proposition Design Intensive, but are also excellent for running standalone to explore a particular focal area.

- Makes the process user-centered
- Clarity and alignment on project goals & vision
- Saves time & money in design and development
- Reduces risk by validating concepts early & quickly
- Uncovers flaws in a product or brand
- Fosters a culture of innovation in your team


What to expect:

  • Collaborative workshops held in our Sydney studio or on-site at your office
  • Clear answers to the questions you started with
  • Documentation of research
  • A specific long-term goal including success metrics
  • Recommended next steps based on effort/impact
  • A high-fidelity prototype, tested by users
  • Product strategy & vision

Have you asked yourself...

Does your venture have high uncertainty ? A lot more questions that answers?

Is it likely that your venture may need to pivot if you had validation feedback from the market?

Does your venture require some quick finding before significant funding can be committed?

Does your venture stand among your competitors?

Want reduced risk and fast results?

Design Sprints are a cost-effective approach to discovering, ideating and testing design solutions in just a week. Talk to us about how running a Design Sprint can help benefit your digital venture.

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