Have a vision for a digital venture?

We transform your vision into a designed proposition, fast

Our offerings

We offer packages to suit your venture's needs, based on our Lean 'Sprints & Jams' approach to Digital Proposition Design.


Proposition Design Intensive

Develop a proposition that delivers true customer value
5-6 weeks
Move fast with Sprints & Jams
High-fidelity branded prototype
Validated with customers
Engaging stakeholder communication tool


Focused, collaborative design thinking process for ideation and validation
1-2 weeks
User-centered process
Creates team alignment and clarity
Prototype design and testing in days
Reduces risk through quick validation


Short workshops for specific challenges with a focused outcome
1-2 days
Structured, time-boxed exercises
Generate specific actionable results
Solves problems quickly
Ideal for strategy canvases & data dives

Have you asked yourself...

Does your venture have high uncertainty ? A lot more questions that answers?

Is it likely that your venture may need to pivot if you had validation feedback from the market?

Does your venture require some quick finding before significant funding can be committed?

Does your venture stand among your competitors?

With our help you will...

  • Reduce risk of your digital venture failing
  • Stand out against competitors with a compelling value proposition
  • Have a high-fidelity branded prototype in just days
  • Engage your stakeholders with a professional sales tool
  • Build confidence for your stakeholders and sponsors through data
  • Have saved potentially months of wasted time and costs

What next?

Your proposition has been tested, validated and the time has come to start building. Here's how Hi can help.

We create

Our Product Designers map out the goals and features, before bringing the product to life through UX and UI design.

We handover

We can help hand over the reigns to your team, including any necessary training to maintain momentum.

We collaborate

We can help bring the digital solution to life together in a co-creation or design consultation capacity.


Our multi-disciplinary approach draws on processes and skills from digital strategy, product design, marketing and communications

Strategy & Innovation

— Workshop Facilitation
— Digital Strategy
— Customer Research & Insights
‍— Value Proposition Design

Digital Product Design

— User Experience Design
— User Interface Design
— Digital Product Prototyping
— Design Systems

Branding & Storytelling

— Stakeholder Communications
— Concept Film Design
— Communication Design
— Branding & Messaging

Not sure what you need?

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