Digital transformation (DX)

Kickstart and sustain your digital customer experience transformation.

Ask yourself...

Is your legacy business under threat by nimble startups with superior CX?

Is your business using design to its full strategic potential?

Does your business lack expertise and maturity in experience design?

Is your UX outdated and causing customer dissatisfaction?

Embarking on a digital customer experience transformation can be a daunting endeavour, and with so many moving parts and risks it's not difficult to see why the track record for success in digital transformation initiatives is far from stellar. But contrary to common belief, success doesn't come down to the tech. Rather, it's about focusing on the holistic experience - including the experience of end-users, customers, leaders and teams.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we strongly recommend booking a free Digital Explorer Jam with us about how our design-led process might be able to give your transformation the advantage it needs to not just survive but thrive in the new digital economy.

How we can work together

Transformation Kickstarter

2-3 weeks

A design-led program of workshops, research and visiontyping to orient your transformation around a customer-centric vision that wins over teams and stakeholders.

UX/UI Foundation

6-8 weeks

Our Design Foundation mission team helps establish the design direction, principles, systems and processes to shape the product experience and keep pace with development.

One-off sprints & jams

2 days+

If you have a specific challenge in need of solving, we help by running one-off design sprints & jams with your team.

Design partner (CX/UX/UI)


We complement your development team as your design partner, providing design leadership, direction and design support during development sprints.

Capability building


Have an in-house product team? We can help them develop the skills, tools and mindsets needed to sustain the course of the transformation program and beyond.

digital transformation

Our process

Our design-led program for Digital CX Transformation ensures you set off and stay on the path to success with customers, avoiding the common pitfalls and reducing the risks of failure. The full program is made up of three phases:

  1. Kickstarter: we conduct research and analysis, run collaborative design workshops with your team, and help crystallise a customer-centric vision for transformation in a tangible form that motivates the front line and aligns the organisation. We then uncover the obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving that vision, and identify key opportunities for customer impact which form the initial 'lighthouse' project.
  2. Foundation: we help define the features of the lighthouse project, before building the foundational elements of the user experience needed to keep pace with agile development.
  3. Transition: during the foundation, we begin helping you build internal design capabilities so that you can transition to a team you can be confident has the skills and experience needed to sustain the course of the full transformation.

We offer multiple ways to work together at different entry points in your transformation journey, but always say that the earlier you bring us onboard the greater value we can add to your digital transformation. If you are not in need of the Design Foundation because you have existing internal experience design capabilities, the Transformation Kickstarter is still a highly valuable investment to starting any transformation effort - including end products that are not user-facing (eg. back-end system upgrades).



Research and analysis to inform the vision, which is visualised through engaging design & prototypes.

Value mapping workshop

Customer & user research

Competitive analysis

Vision Sprint

Visiontype (eg film, microsite, pitch deck)



Uncover barriers to be mitigated and assets to help to achieve your vision, starting with a high-value lighthouse project.

Stakeholder interviews

Design maturity audit

SWOT analysis

Identify lighthouse project



Design the foundation of the user experience and interface needed to maintain velocity in the Build stage.

Design processes & tools

Design principles

Information architecture

Wireframes & flows

Customer engagement model

Usability testing

Design look & feel

Design system



Iteratively design the lighthouse project, teaching and coaching teams along the way.

User story mapping

Lean UX/UI sprints

Design sprints



Build internal capabilities and mindsets, assist in hiring efforts and onboarding.

Design hiring & recruitment

Workshops & training

Have you asked yourself...

Does your venture have high uncertainty ? A lot more questions that answers?

Is it likely that your venture may need to pivot if you had validation feedback from the market?

Does your venture require some quick finding before significant funding can be committed?

Does your venture stand among your competitors?

popular sprints used

Value Proposition Jam

1 day

We map your customer jobs, pains and gains and where your product's value proposition fits into their lives, or where it may need to be improved or rethought.


Vision Sprint

2 weeks

Define the vision for your product or transformation, articulated in a realistic visiontype to align and energise your team & stakeholders.


DX Kickstarter

4-6 weeks

A design-led program of workshops, research and visiontyping to orient your transformation around a customer-centric vision that wins over teams and stakeholders.


UX/UI Foundation

6-8 weeks

Establish the design direction, principles, design system and processes to shape the product experience and keep pace with development.


Proposition Accelerator

4-6 weeks

Build insight, test ideas and wrap up a proposition with an engaging selling tool for exciting sponsors & investors.


Book a free workshop with a digital innovation expert.

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