Branded experience design

We design memorable digital customer experiences that elevate your brand.

Just as customers associate a sales assistant to a brand when they shop in a store, their experience of an app or website is reflected onto the brand itself. Well-designed digital interactive experiences have become vital long-term touchpoints for a brand,and designing such experiences requires unique expertise across brand strategy and experience design.

Hidden brings together through years of combined experience in both disciplines for clients including SBS, Optus and Ferrari.

Branded experience design

Our process

Whether it be designing a new digital experience or revamping an existing one, we transform your strategy into a digital experience that solves real customer problems, in ways that meets your business needs and elevates your brand experience.

We consider each digital touchpoint an opportunity to elevate both your user and brand experience. That's why our process is geared towards projects that want more than a vanilla, usable experience where brand is not a mere afterthought, but pivotal to creating a memorable digital experience for customers.



Understand the business, brand and user.

Kickoff workshop

Stakeholder interviews

Competitive audit

Brand analysis


Heuristic evaluation

Data analysis



Define the user, business and brand goals and plan the experience.

User journey mapping

Customer value mapping

Design principles

Stakeholder workshops

Task flows



Design the product (and possibly also brand) concept and validate through testing to minimise risk

Mid-fidelity concept mockups

Brand Sprint (if required)

Design look & feel

Customer desirability testing

Stakeholder presentations



Design the user experience and interface

Information architecture


Interactive prototypes

Usability testing

Brand identity design

Motion design

Design system



Deliver the experience design by integrating UX into Scrum.

Feature prioritisation

User story writing

Development handoff

Design QA

Lean UX/UI sprints

Agile development sprints (unless partnering for development)

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