Digital product innovation

From customer insight to in-market product, we can guide you on the full digital product journey.

Contrary to common popular belief, success in innovation isn't about using the latest shiny tech or making big bets on untested ideas. Instead, successful digital innovations start with a real customer problem and evolve along a winding journey from uncertainty to clarity.

Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or corporate intrapreneur looking to create a digital product, we help guide and navigate you down the complex path towards creating a digital product in a disciplined way that maximises creativity and minimises risk.

How we can work together

Full product innovation

12 weeks+

We take you through our full digital innovation framework, to an in-market digital product.

Proposition accelerator

4-6 weeks

Build insight, test ideas and wrap up a proposition with an engaging selling tool for exciting sponsors & investors.

One-time sprints & jams

2 days+

Depending on what stage in your innovation journey you are, we can run one-off innovation sprints & jams.

Capability building & training

2 days+

Have an in-house product team? We can help them develop the skills, tools and mindsets to sustain design-led innovation.

product innovation

Our process

Our six-stage digital product innovation process from insight to in-market product follows our design-led approach and canvasses our entire range of services - including proposition design, experience design, application development and growth. We're more than happy to augment your existing capabilities and also work with partners, including development teams and contractors.



2-3 weeks

Build customer and market insight to define the problem space and inform ideation.

Mission, vision & strategy

Market & brand analysis

Customer & user research

Persona development

Stakeholder interviews



2-3 weeks

Workshops & rapid prototyping to validate the idea, and communicate in a sellable proposition.

Problem framing

Rapid prototyping

Lean validation testing

Visiontype (eg. film)

Pitch design



2-3 weeks

Define the minimum loveable product (MLP) features, and technically scope the solution.

Product strategy

User story mapping

Feature prioritisation

Concept prototyping

Technical scoping & architecture

Product roadmapping



3-6 weeks

Build the design foundation needed to maintain velocity in the Build stage.

UX research

Information architecture

Design direction

UI Design System


Build & launch

6 weeks+

Build the MLP and product marketing, and support for market launch.

Lean UX/UI sprints

Agile development sprints

Product marketing

Launch support


Measure & improve

3-6 weeks

Optimise the product, and build the internal capabilities for sustained innovation.

Analytics monitoring

Growth hacking

Hiring & training

Maintenance & testing

popular sprints used

Value Proposition Jam

1 day

We map your customer jobs, pains and gains and where your product's value proposition fits into their lives, or where it may need to be improved or rethought.


Design Sprint

1-2 weeks

Collaboratively generate ideas, before we create a high-fidelity prototype, validated with users, in two weeks or less.


Vision Sprint

2 weeks

Define the vision for your product or transformation, articulated in a realistic visiontype to align and energise your team & stakeholders.


Strategy Sprint

2-3 weeks

Define the strategy for the product, prioritise features for your minimum loveable product, and technically scope the solution.


Proposition Accelerator

4-6 weeks

Build insight, test ideas and wrap up a proposition with an engaging selling tool for exciting sponsors & investors.


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