Strategy Jams

1 - 2 DAYS

Strategy Jams are short collaborative workshops aimed at tackling a specific challenge with a focused outcome in 1-2 Days, which is perfectly suited to developing strategy canvassing and mapping that provide context and set goals for ideation. Our Strategy Jams borrow techniques from UX & CX, Business Design, Product Strategy, Branding & Film (Storytelling).


Like Design Sprints, our Strategy Jams are integrated into our Proposition Design Intensive, and are also perfectly suited for running to reach specific strategic outcomes. Examples include exploring business models, value propositions, customer journey mapping and brand strategy. Jams are often packaged together in order to achieve particular outcomes and goals.


What to expect:

  • Structured, time-boxed exercises
  • Collaborative approach to digital business strategy
  • Strategy artefacts are highly visual, including canvases & maps
  • Strategy artefacts are highly visual, including canvases & maps

Business Strategy Jams

Our Business Strategy Jams are collaborative, visual processes for aligning your venture's business case with your product. When starting a new venture, these Jams provide the opportunity to explore and develop hypotheses about the business model and value proposition, which are then tested through Customer Testing Jams. The result is a strong strategic foundation and clear path forward, with more clarity, less unknowns and reduced risk.

Growth Jams

For ventures that have achieved Product-Market fit and progressed into the scaling stage, we offer Jams that help establish a methodology and culture for growing their product through a Lean data-driven approach known as 'growth hacking'. Growth Hacking uses data insights, experiments and validated learning to identify the most efficient and impactful ways of growing the venture.

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